Our history of inviting world-renowned artists to perform but still being able to offer tickets at remarkably reasonable prices is well known, as is our ethos of inviting singers and musicians of the next generation who will undoubtedly gain international recognition. The outstanding performers for our 2020/2021 concert series had already been engaged before lockdown measures came into force so it was with enormous regret that the exciting season could not go ahead as planned. It wasn't possible to hold any concerts until July 2021 but we are pleased to announce that our new full season will start in October 2021. There won't be season tickets for sale for 2021/2022 concerts in case restrictions on indoor gatherings are imposed again. Please buy tickets on each concert individually.

Luckily, most of the artists we had engaged for the 2020/2021 season have agreed to join us for concerts in the 2021/2022 season.

23rd October 2021, Michael Collins, clarinet, with Michael McHale, piano. £25

27th November 2021, Samson Tsoy, solo piano recital. £25

26th February 2022, Sacconi String Quartet with Emma Abbate, piano. £30

2nd April 2022, Eunsley Park, violin, with Dinara Klinton, piano. £25

21st May 2022, Pat Davey Jazz Quintet. £25

11th June 2022, Theodore Platt, Baritone, with Keval Shah, piano. £25

16th July 2022, The Mithras Trio. £25

Some of you will remember The Mithras Trio from the special sold-out concert they performed for the Society in July 2021. Unfortunately we had to limit audience numbers to a maximum of 50 because of regulations in place at the time about indoor gatherings. Their return date will enable a larger audience to enjoy this highly regarded piano trio.

The website will continue to be updated to show more details about the performers and their chosen programmes. We hope we can rely on your continued support so that our upcoming concerts will be as special and successful as all our previous ones have been.



It was marvelous that the Society was able to return to performances of live music. On 20th July 2021 O&LMS held it's first live concert since February 2020 and the excellent Mithras Piano Trio were invited to perform at this auspicious event. At the time the audience had to be limited to 50 people so a future date will be arranged in order to enable a larger audience to enjoy listening to this piano trio.


It is with great pleasure to announce that our President since 2007, Imogen Cooper, has been awarded the distinguished title of Dame Commander of the Order of the British Empire in the Queen's Birthday Honours, June 2021. The title has been given to her for services to music. Her professional career has spanned over 5 decades. In 2015 she founded the Imogen Cooper Music Trust for the mentoring and support of highly talented young musicians who are at the beginning of their professional careers. We are very proud to have her as our President.


Many people will have already heard of the death of the Chairman of the Society, Michael Barlow. A short obituary was circulated to all of our season ticket holders, as well as our regular audience members and our occasional visitors. Michael had been a Committee Member for a quite a few decades before becoming Chairman of the Society. His life was filled by a passion for music which enabled him to bring joy and knowledge to people of all ages, near and far. He was a well-respected composer, pianist, organist, choir master, conductor, music tutor and an author of a highly praised book on the British composer, George Butterworth. He was hugely influential in the formative years of many children and teenagers who, encouraged by his enthusiasm, went on to become professional musicians. He will be greatly missed by all who had the pleasure of knowing him.

Many expressed an interest in going to the church service in order to pay their personal final respects to him but it wasn't possible due to the restrictions at that time which limited attendance to 30 people.

The service was live-streamed on the Facebook page of Westerham Parish Church. and uploaded on to YouTube afterwards

It is still hoped that a much larger memorial service will be organised when restrictions are lifted. Although there has been one, numbers were still very limited so it wasn't possible for people to gather together in person in the church to perform, sing, or just listen to many of the musical items that could be included at the funeral.


The concerts of the past few seasons were all held in the Bawtree Concert Hall in Hazelwood School's Baily Building. We hope that future events can continue to be held there.

The modern facilities of the Baily Building include lifts from the foyer to all floors, thus enabling step-free access to the Bawtree Concert Hall. The doors of the main entrance of the Baily Building open outwards so when arriving ticket holders must stand 2 paces back from the double doors.

We reserve the first 2 rows of the auditorium for those who may have difficulty using the stairs in the hall. For every concert we place individual chairs in appropriate places in order to further aid safe access. We will do our utmost to accommodate anyone who wishes to attend our concerts in every venue, whatever form of disability they may have. If another venue has to be used then we will advise details about the access issues.

The Bawtree Concert Hall has a bright, fresh acoustic which is praised by all the international musicians engaged by us. The Society financially supports the complete refurbishment of the Yamaha grand piano annually. This is done by one of the foremost piano technicians in the UK and the sound is now equal to many pianos in the main London venues and has also been much praised by piano soloists, accompanists and the pianists in chamber music ensembles.

O&LMS Music Prize Winners

The 2019 Prizewinner - Marthinus Louw.
The 2018 Prizewinner - Oliver Payne
The 2017 Prizewinner - Camilla Savlieva.
The 2016 Prizewinner - Alexander Stejskal.
The 2015 Prizewinner - Elias Asli.
The 2014 Prizewinner - Eliza Percival.

In 2014 the O&LMS Committee introduced a music prize of an engraved pewter salver to be presented as an annual award to a talented young musician. The prize was an idea of David Lloyd, the Society's Chairman at that time. The salver has been inscribed "Oxted & Limpsfield Music Society Prize for a Young Musician of Promise at Hazelwood School". We invite the prizewinners to attend any concert of their choice in order that we can acknowledge their talent and achievements in front of an audience and in the local presss.

We have been given permission to announce short biographies about these remarkable young musicians. They were nominated by Hazelwood School's Head of Music and now O&LMS has great pleasure in introducing them to you.

2019 - Marthinus Louw
Still only 12 years old, Marthinus has grown into an exceptional all-round musician over the past few years. He plays the piano and the double bass and is a committed member of the School Orchestra, String Band, Jazz Group and Chapel Choir. His schedule is jam-packed with musical activities to which he contributes greatly week in, week out. A budding composer, Marthinus has taken the Jazz Group forward with some interesting time signatures and bass lines. He is also an integral member of the Chapel Choir and hopes to be part of the group when they travel to Belgium to compete in the 2020 World Choir Games.

2017 - Camilla Savlieva
Camilla was 9 years old when she was awarded the prize. She has been playing the piano since the age of 5. She developed an interest in music from an early age, and has shown a keen interest to learn different styles and genres of music. Camilla happily embraced the opportunity to continue playing the piano when she entered Hazelwood in 2011, and in 2015 she started taking singing lessons. Earlier in 2017 Camilla passed piano Grade 3 with distinction and in mid-2017 took Grade 3 voice. She enjoys playing with other Hazelwood musicians, and equally loves playing classical music and jazz. Her developing musicality and desire to learn music has received excellent support from her teachers.

2016 - Alexander Stejskal.
Alexander was 7 years old when he received the award and started having violin lessons when he was only 3 and a half. He was invited to perform at Cadogan Hall on his 5th birthday and has since performed at various well-known venues. In 2015 he was invited to perform the Bach Double Violin Concerto at the Royal Albert Hall. 2016 has also been a very exciting year for him. He met the world renowned violinist Dr. Lakshminarayana Subramaniam and got to play the Bach Double Violin Concerto with him. Alexander has been working closely with Ben Wragg from the Purcell School since 2016 as well as enjoying his lessons with Sara Young at Hazelwood School. Alexander performed at the opening of the School's beautiful new Baily Building in September 2016.

2015 - Elias Asli.
Elias was 11 years old when he received the award. He lived in Denmark until the age of 6, when he moved to Oxted. He started playing the cello at the same time and passed Grade 5 with Distinction in summer 2016. He particularly enjoys playing in chamber music groups and orchestras. His string quartet competed and performed at the Young Prague Music Festival 2015, gaining a silver medal. Elias also enjoys singing and regularly performed with the School choir and chamber vocal ensemble, both as a choir member and as a soloist. He started learning the acoustic guitar and experimented with many music genres. Elias has been awarded 2 school music prizes plus performing arts scholarship.

2014 - Eliza Percival
The first winner of the prize was Eliza Percival.